Small cars are big news these days, and that’s one reason why Toyota just brought a new sporty concept to the Tokyo Motor Show. In a YouTube video uploaded to their Global Newsroom Page Oct. 28, we hopefully see a glimpse of the future. Not to be confused with the Scion FR-S, the S-FR has historical cues from the 2000 GT, with a front engine/rear wheel drive chassis. Having a six-speed manual transmission in such a short wheelbase will make for a fun driving experience, especially if paired with a turbocharged power plant. The interior might be a vision of the near future, with the infotainment system being replaced by a holder for your mobile device. A proper handbrake next to the shifter will allow for well-executed drifts while the bolstered buckets hold you in place. If they choose to build it, we hope that it doesn’t arrive bloated with a ton of power options. If air conditioning, power seats and power windows are optional, the S-FR will be a force to be reckoned with at your local autocross. As soon as more information is available, you will find it here on Autofluence.


(via Toyota/YouTube)

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