Just two days ago, New York City and Miami both saw the opening of Bugatti showrooms sporting the marque's new design aesthetic, and now just two days later, another location has opened its doors. Tokyo saw the opening today of a first for Bugatti; a combined showroom and lifestyle boutique working under the motto of "The Blue of Tokyo." As a press release from the marque today describes, this is also their second stand-alone boutique, the first having opened in London in November 2014. Bugatti's Tokyo showroom and boutique covers three floors, with a private lounge in the basement created as a space for customers to configurate their new cars. The ground floor acts as the vehicle showroom, dominated by classic Bugatti blue. The second floor offers the boutique showcasing the EB Ettore Bugatti Collection. The entirety of the building is built with aluminum, glass and carbon fiber, all characteristic of a Bugatti car, and the entrance is defined by the marque's classic horseshoe shape. “For the first time the unique technical positioning of a Bugatti super sports car as well as the luxurious lifestyle of the Bugatti brand are expressed authentically in one joint presentation,” said Massimiliano Ferrari, Manager of Bugatti's Brand Lifestyle division, in the release. “Like Bugatti, Tokyo represents a great tradition at the same time as absolute modernity. We would like to thank our partner for the extremely successful implementation of our showroom boutique concept.” This new showroom and boutique will be open Monday through Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm, with the location closing on Wednesdays. Take a look at the showroom below, then find your own Bugatti to arrive in from our exclusive listings.

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