Just about 90 minutes from New York City is a 4.1-mile race track that is more than just a place to race: it's a luxury destination offering amenities such as private race lessons, fine dining, race car rentals, an off-road course and much more. This is the Monticello Motor Club.
One of the most exciting experiences that Monticello Motor Club (MMC) offers is their Team Challenge. This event is built for teams of 5 to 50 people, who will then go on to compete against other teams in multiple high-speed driving challenges on their race track and karting track. On the race track, participants will get a chance to race an awesome variety of cars, like the Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe and Porsche Cayman. The challenges include:
  • Autocross: race around a course to get the fastest time. Points are awarded depending on the team's time.
  • Launch and Stop: Points are awarded according to the teams' ratio of their 0-100 mph time to their stopping distance.
  • Track Driving: Teams race through the track, gaining points for their official track time.
  • Karting Enduro: Relay-style race, points are awarded based on finishing positions.
  • Off-Road Driving: Drivers are actually blind-folded and directed through the course by their teammates. Teams work together to get the fastest time, while avoiding cones.
Aside from these challenges, teams will also get hot laps with the MMC drivers in real race cars, photos, gift bags and meals prepared by their Culinary Institute of America-trained chef. All of these make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience for drivers of all experience levels.
Want to give your clients a day they'll never forget? MMC's Team Challenge is a great alternative to golfing, dinner or fishing when it comes to showing your company's clients a good time. Not only does it already include fine dining, it also offers them something they've never experienced before. There's no way they'll forget their time with your company after a day like this. What's more, the Team Challenge can be used by companies as a team building experience, allowing employees to work together and bond in a way they've never had the chance to before. Interested? It's only $1,900 per participant and no experience is required to take part. Space is limited for each event, so be sure to act quickly. Click the button below to learn more, or visit monticellomotorclub.com.

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