You're hard pressed to find a person who doesn't know the name "DeLorean." If not from a love of the automotive world, then they most likely have seen it on a screen as it accelerates to 88 mph before ripping through the space-time continuum in the "Back to the Future" movies. This DeLorean, however, can hit a higher speed than just 88 mph, and instead of leaving flames on the road, it's shooting them from the exhaust.

After being gutted out and refitted with Weber carbs and race exhaust, this DeLorean now weighs just 2,500 pounds and creates 210 hp, as the caption of a Sept. 27 YouTube video from DtRockstar1 tells us. Putsch Racing is the team behind this DeLorean's refitting, and it's being prepped for international rally events. When the video was taken, it still had its stock engine, but once fitted with a racing PRV engine, it's expected to produce up to 280 hp.

The video starts with a quick walk around of the DeLorean before a solid 30 seconds of some of the largest exhaust flames to ever come from one of these cars. It then takes you for a quick ride around town, though at some speeds we wouldn't recommend hitting on public roadways - remember, always follow local traffic laws, especially if your engine is better suited for the racetrack. Check out the video above, and then find your own DeLorean from our exclusive listings at the button below.

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(Source: YouTube via Autoblog)

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