There's no denying the importance of a viscerally thrilling engine note in performance cars. The sound a vehicle emits can be just as telling of the manufacturer's signature as design lines or a name. And when you're standing near a track, it's so much easier to tell the true differences between one engine's note and another's. Particularly when the engines you're hearing are those of a McLaren and a Ferrari.

The video above offers the chance to sit back for nearly 10 minutes of engine note beauty, so be sure your headphones or speakers are turned up and ready for some exhilaration. Added to YouTube Sept. 26 by Gumbal, it shows more than one Ferrari FXX K taking laps around the Spa-Francorchamps racetrack, then shows a few McLaren P1 GTRs doing the same. Each, visibly, is very different, but when you close your eyes, you'll discover just how different their sounds are, too. Listen for the deep, jet-like rumbles of the McLaren's downshifts, and the higher pitched, almost wind-like whirs of the FXX K's V12 and electric motor, with a few kick backs each time the gears shift. The difference between the engines is as significant as the difference between two people's voices, and each is unique to the vehicle itself.

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Check out the sonorous sound comparison of the two above, and when you're done, let us know in the comments which sound you liked best. Then, find the street-legal version of your favorite from our exclusive listings at the buttons below.

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(Source: YouTube)

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