Every automotive enthusiast needs a few essential items for their everyday lives. Those who frequently get behind the wheel for road trips find that proper luggage is a necessity. Have a desk at work that's looking a bit bare? A die-cast model of your favorite car could change that. Offering these and many more automotive essential items is ModernLook.com, a platform to discover new luxury goods and services that many people wouldn't otherwise have access to. How do they create these sales? ModernLook scours the world for uncommon goods and gear, and bring them to you, for sale, at member's only pricing. Along with their daily sales, they also offer The Collected Series. These sales are always available and will introduce you to new brands, unique designs and inspired interpretations. Below are just some of the automotive-centric sales currently offered on ModernLook.com. Check them out and be sure to sign up to see more sales like these.

AutoArt Die-Cast Models

AutoArt is so committed to creating the highest quality die-cast models that they have their very own factory dedicated to manufacturing AutoArt products. From the paint, to the detail of the brakes, these models are impeccable.

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Ferrari Watches

Whether you drive a Ferrari or are a just fan of the Italian sports car manufacturer, you can never have too much Ferrari merchandise. This watch was designed in Italy and crafted from superior materials. What's more, this watch is exclusive to ModernLook and is offered at 60 percent off.

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Arthur Schening Graphic Illustrations

There's no denying that the race cars of the '50s, '60s and '70s are some of the finest automobiles to roll across the earth. Arthur Schening captures the essence of these cars with his beautiful original graphic illustrations, featuring such cars as the Ford GT40 MK1 and Ferrari 330 P3.

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Ferrari Fanwear

Need something to hold all of the exclusive items you've purchased from ModernLook.com? If so, their Ferrari Fanwear sale, featuring 18 unique travel bags officially licensed by Ferrari, will do the trick. They come with a 90 percent Nylon and 10 percent Polyester construction, and the official Ferrari Anti-Counterfeit Hologram tag.

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Velo Sock

Sometimes it's great to just get on your bike and ride, whether down a trail or road. But, what do you do with your bike when it's not in use? Sure, you could just park it in the garage or living room, but dirty tires can track mud on an otherwise clean floor or carpet. Preventing these domestic catastrophes are Velo Socks. They easily wrap around the wheels of a bicycle, keeping your home clean of sand, mud and other debris while transforming the bike into a more visually appealing subject.

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