When I was 12, I was just barely tall enough to drive a bumper car. Steven Aghakhani, at 12, is winning races in a McLaren 650S at 162 mph. He started club racing when he was seven-years-old; by age nine, he beat his instructor in a race; after that point, as his dad describes in a YouTube video, it was time to get him into the real cars.

His Dad, Amrik Aghakhani, drives a 2006 Ford GT with 1,700 hp that goes by code name "Black Mamba," and many have seen him at Shift-S3ctor events throughout the country. But at the recent Portland Airstrip Attack event, it was time for Steven to take the spotlight. Uploaded Sept. 9 by NARA Speed, the video above shows Amrik and Steven as the prepare for a standing half-mile race. Steven finished off as the Exotic Class winner in his 650S, hitting a speed of 162.1 mph. There's little doubt in our minds that he'll be hitting the professional tracks within the next few years. Of course, remember that racing laws are different than road laws - he still can't take that McLaren out on public streets until he gets his driver's permit.

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(Source: YouTube via AutoEvolution)

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