Lexani Motorcars has a penchant for taking cars from the world's top manufacturers and bringing them to a level of bespoke luxury few ever thought possible, and their latest creation is no exception.

What began as a 2015 Cadillac Escalade is now the Luxury Sky Captain Edition Escalade, and it's a vehicle fit for first-class private air travel. "From the horizontally adjustable walnut and gold trim tables, to the built in Apple computer system and iPad Air 2," describes a Sept. 21 video added to YouTube by Lexani Motorcars. The computer system allows passengers to completely control all aspects of entertainment and comfort from the rear seats, adding an additional level of comfort to any ride in this Escalade.

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The rear two seats are ventilated and completely adjustable, coated in a supple white European leather that matches the rest of the interior. Dark walnut wood acts as a striking contrast to the creamy motif, as does the tinted 41-inch sun roof. Gold is also found throughout, on the buttons, handles, vents and more.

Entertainment comes from the privacy partition, which features a 48-inch curved 4K Samsung smart TV, completely controlled by the Apple system. A customized surround sound system completes the "home theater experience." For added security, footage from surveillance cameras on the front and rear of the vehicle is displayed on two screens mounted between the right passenger windows.

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Check out the photos of this stunning new take on the Escalade below and the video above. When you're finished, find an Escalade for yourself from our exclusive listings, then contact Lexani Motorcars at LexaniMotorcars.com to see how they can create a bespoke interior for you.

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(Source: Lexani, YouTube)

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