Since news first broke of turmoil within the Volkswagen Group, there's been speculation about what this could mean for the future of Bugatti, one of the luxury marques owned by the German group.
La Finale, the last Veyron produced by Bugatti
Development of a successor was in the works long before the March 2015 end to the Veyron's decade of production, but as of now, no solid details have been revealed by the manufacturer, other than that this project exists. But in the wake of what the media has dubbed "dieselgate," Volkswagen Group will be cutting any and all non-essential projects. "That is why we have initiated a further critical review of all planned investments," stated Matthias Müller, newly appointed CEO of Volkswagen, in an Oct. 8 release and address to the company. "Anything that is not absolutely necessary will be cancelled or postponed."

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So is a car rumored to be priced at $2.8 million and capable of reaching 288 mph "necessary"? Yes, yes it is. In an emailed statement today, Bugatti Head of Communications Manuela Höehne confirmed that "work on the next Bugatti continues as planned." However, she couldn't confirm the name of this next Bugatti, or any other details, saying "this will follow in due time." I, for one, cannot wait for due time to pass. In the meantime, I'll enjoy perusing our inventory of Veyrons listed for sale - you may enjoy doing the same.

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