Aston Martin, I beg of you, please produce more hypercars like the Vulcan. Why? For starters, it comes with a massive, naturally-aspirated, 7.0-liter V12 engine that produces over 811 hp, and it sounds downright ferocious when unleashed on the track. Don't believe me? Thankfully, Marchettino filmed a Vulcan taking on the Misano World Circuit during the Ultracar Sports Club track event. In the video, uploaded Oct. 13, the sounds of the Vulcan's V12 are on full display. Not only do we get to hear the engine at idle, but also when it's ripping down the straight of the circuit. And by ripping, I mean flying at full-throttle; the sense of speed in this video is unreal. You can see it below for yourself to get why the Vulcan should be more than a project car by Aston Martin.

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