When your camera car is a Gallardo Spyder, you know you're working on something powerful. Just a little over a year ago, Dave Nickerson of Nue Vue Photography shared a video with the world of a choreographed chase through the streets of South Florida. Two Lamborghinis, one in police livery, the other a black Superleggera. Within the first three days, the video hit 300,000 views, and now we get to see how it was put together.

A year later, he's shared a look at how this video was made and the results of a photoshoot with the Huracan police car, the result of an impressive wrap from the team at Lamborghini Palm Beach. With a police escort for the evening and some editing to speed up the chase, Nickerson was able to create an intense chase scene without running afoul of traffic laws. Check out the videos above and below and the gallery to get a close look at this one-of-a-kind fictional face off, then find your own Huracan from our exclusive listings.

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(Source: YouTube, Nue Vue)

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