Supercars in London are not a rare sight during this time of the year. Unfortunately for the bystanders that love to see these cars, the influx of these high-performance vehicles on the English streets has come under fire from local residents. The complaints range from rapid acceleration to excessive engine revving. Well, if London is looking to put the kibosh on the engine revving, nobody told the driver of this Lamborghini Aventador. In a video uploaded by TheTFJJ on September 17 to YouTube, we see a 50th Anniversary Edition of the Aventador putting on quite the show.

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Fitted with a Capristo decatted exhaust system, this Italian supercar makes noises that will surely wake the neighbors. What's more, this exhaust shoots some serious flames, which is definitely an added bonus. Be sure to check out the video below. This brings us to an important question: should this type of activity be allowed or should it  be regulated by local authorities? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.
(Source: YouTube)

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