The big band city of New Orleans saw an Italian takeover at the NOLA Motorsports park the weekend of Oct. 4, and it was a show of incredible power. Ferrari Racing Days saw the arrival of three Ferrari programs at once at the southern location, with the North American Ferrari Challenge, XX Program and F1 Clienti all converging for two days of horsepower and energy. An Oct. 4 press release from the marque and videos shared to YouTube Oct. 7 give us a look inside the event, including an in-cabin perspective for one lap around the track.

The Ferrari FXX K debuted on American soil for the first time at this event, with not just one, but four examples of the LaFerrari's racing variant arriving for the trip. As the release reminds us, its engine creates 860 hp while the hybrid system creates an additional 190, leading to an insane 1,050 hp total from the FXX K.

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"With nearly four hours of track time at NOLA," the release described, "the Tifosi were enthralled by the roar it made. In addition, the FXX Ks were joined by two 599XXs on the 2.74-mile circuit." Check out the videos above and below to get a better look at this event, and find your own Ferrari from our exclusive listings for the next Ferrari track day near you.

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(Source: Ferrari, YouTube)

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