At the Revvolution & Shift Sector’s Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack on June 26-27, three 2,000+ hp Lamborghini Gallardos showed up to "wow" the crowd and break records. The cars were all brought in by OB Prestige Auto and their racing team, who were bold enough to create and drive these Lamborghinis. But, it makes perfect sense when you learn that Jason Heffner of Heffner Performance is part of the team. Each of them is heavily modified and has 76-mm turbochargers drastically improving their engine power.

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1320video was on-hand at the event, filming the scene as it all went down. During the first day, all three cars were in commission, including two all-wheel drive Gallardos and one rear-wheel drive. Breaking the airstrip speed record was the red Gallardo, which rocketed up to 212.5 mph during the course of its sprint. Right after this record run, its blue counterpart moved the record further to 220 mph, and then again later to 224 mph. Hitting a top speed of 205 was the grey rear-wheel drive Gallardo. At the end of the event, OB Prestige walked away winning overall, as well as winning in the RWD and AWD classes. See the sprints for yourself in the video below, uploaded Oct. 7.

Gallardo Listings

(Source: YouTube via Autoevolution)

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