There are dozens of new materials tested each year to see which one could bring automotive engineering to the next step.

Whether looking to increase rigidity while decreasing weight, or maximizing both sustainability and volume, automotive engineers have gotten creative. Plastic, steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and graphene have all made their way into construction methods. But what about cardboard?

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Lexus UK has introduced an IS Saloon crafted completely from cardboard, creating a veritable sculpture on wheels inspired by a very specific part of their assembly process. "The skilled men and women – known as takumi – who work on the Lexus production lines hone their dexterity skills by learning how to fold paper into a origami model cat, using only their non-dominant hand," describes the caption of an Oct. 5 YouTube video from Lexus UK. "The Origami Car takes the spirit of this talent to a far higher level, while also embracing the spirit of Lexus’s Creating Amazing global brand campaign."

But just how do you create such a car? Even more important - how do you make it move? Another video shared the same day gives a little insight into the process behind such a creation. It's a one-off, 1:1 scale model, and despite the fact that technology was intricately involved in preparing the materials, the assembly was done completely by hand.

An article from Hypebeast also tells us that the model took three months to assemble; every time two pieces were glued together using water-based wood glue, it took 10 minutes for the pieces to set. Check the "behind the scenes" video above to learn more.

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A gallery was shared to Lexus UK's Facebook page the same day the videos were shared, showing the intricate, close up details of this piece of art. Take a close look at each detail, from the Lexus logo on the front and rear, to the cup holders and dashboard inside, because chances of seeing this car in person are slim.

It's probably safe to say cardboard won't be used as a go-to construction material, and though it can be driven, we can't imagine this model holding up too well in a rain storm. To find a road-legal Lexus for your collection, check out our exclusive listings at the button below.

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