Just as his father’s Big Bertha driver changed the sport of Golf, Reeves Callaway and his team of engineers at Callaway Competition in Leingarten, Germany have once again pushed the envelope of what we thought was possible. As shared on the company's Facebook page Oct. 3, the new Callaway Corvette C7.R GT3 is poised to dominate the field of next year’s WeatherTech Sports Car Championship.

Their latest creation was displayed in Germany over the weekend at the Hockenheimring. Starting with the already potent Corvette Stingray, Callawy dissected every rule in the GT3 handbook to build a naturally aspirated 60 0hp missile, devoid of any luxuries. Flared front and rear bodywork exaggerates the Stingray’s curves while still incorporating the original doors, windows, mirrors and headlights. Behind the engine sits an Xtrac six speed sequential transmission. Inside is all business, with a carbon fiber cockpit covered in controls and telemetry. These cars will be fielded by Callaway’s own team , so instead of competing in the increasingly crowded GT3 class, the C7.R GT3 will be built to the increased standards of the GTE (or GT Endurance) class.

Callaway posted a few photos of the intense Corvette to their Facebook page Oct. 3, as did Johannes Brock Photography. Check them out below, and check out the video above, added to YouTube Oct. 3 by ChevroletInEurope, showing the Corvette C7 preparing for the raceway.

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If you don’t need an FIA spec race car, Callaway still builds wild version of production Stingrays and Z06s. For more information, contact Callaway Cars Ltd salesinfo@callawaycars.com

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(Source: Facebook via DigitalTrends.com)

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