This one was built for the fans.

Well, perhaps not this exact one, in particular. But this design, as Bugatti has said before and says again, "is for the fans." Today, ahead of the official start Sept. 17 of the Frankfurt International Motor Show, Bugatti introduced the physical version of their Vision GT concept, bringing a video game's design to life. First introduced Sept. 2, the concept for the Gran Turismo video game series is a true example of futuristic racing, and features such concepts as augmenting the dashboard with visuals displayed on the driver's goggles. "Bugatti has transformed its Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo from the virtual world of bytes and pixels into a real carbon-fibre racer specially for the 66th International Motor Show (IAA). ‪#‎imaginEBugatti,‬" describes the caption of a gallery showing off the model on Bugatti's Facebook page, as well as the press release. This is the first unveiling in a series of events that, Bugattis release tells us, will culminate in the revealing of their new super sports car. The Vision Gran Turismo pays tribute to the marque's racing designs of the 1920s and 1930s, while also providing insights into the future of the brand's "design language."

The headlights on the Vision GT seem similar to the ones peeking through the camoflauge of the Chiron test mules spotted around the world, which could mean that the Chiron's final form may not be far off from what the GT shows us.

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Check out the photos of this carbon-fiber video game character below, stay with us for more updates from Bugatti as they are released and find your own model from the marque's existing cars from our exclusive listings.

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(Source: Bugatti, Facebook)

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