There are many things Ferrari is known for, but hosting events that are simple and small isn't one of those things. Case and point, the recent gathering in Switzerland. A total of 223 different Ferraris and their owners arrived in the town of Aarberg for the 15th annual Ferrari Treffen meet hosted by Automobile Németh, an official Ferrari service center. A Sept. 7 press release from the marque shared a few photos from the event, which is one of the largest such gatherings to date.

A video shared by mffilmsCH on Sept. 6 shows each of the Ferraris arriving at the Ferrari Treffen, where they pulled their cars onto a red carpet entrance, were handed a gift bag and sent along to their designated spots. As you can imagine, 223 different Ferraris means a wide variety of models appeared, ranging from the classic staples to the modern masterpieces. 458s, 458 Speciales, F12berlinettas, F40s, F430s, Enzos; you name it, it was probably there.

Automobile Németh also shared a few photos from the event on their Facebook page Aug. 23 and 24, with one shot in particular showing a line of Ferraris that, quite literally, goes as far as the eye can see. It was taken during the end of the event celebration, which saw 70 of the Ferraris go for a touring route through the local Swiss mountain roads. Check out the pictures and video of this massive gathering, and find your own Ferrari to bring to Ferrari Treffen 2016 from our exclusive listings below.

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(Source: Ferrari, YouTube, Facebook)

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