There's little questioning the fact that it's difficult to take on the Bugatti Veyron, but if there's any two-wheeled vehicle up to the challenge, it's a Kawasaki creation. Swedish car spotter and YouTuber Gustav of got a chance to ride shotgun in a 1,001 hp Veyron as it went up against a Kawasaki Ninja H2 sans exhaust. A closed track in Sweden provided the perfect location for rolling start races, and from the Instagram accounts of Gustav and the Veyron's owner, dutchbugs, everyone enjoyed the full day of racing that took place.

A few videos were uploaded to Gustav's YouTube account this past week, with a Sept. 9 upload (above) showing the race between the Veyron and Ninja from a few different perspectives, including the Veyron's driver seat. A second video uploaded today gives us the Kawasaki's point of view (below).

It may not seem like a motorcycle's 200 hp could be any match to the Veyron's 1,001, but the Ninja H2 isn't just any motorcycle - as Kawasaki's website tells us, it's a supercharged supersport motorcycle capable of reaching 200 mph. Which set of wheels do you think reaches the end of a track first? Keep in mind, they had a rolling start at 50. Whether it was 50 mph or km/h, we're not sure, but we know it was 50.

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Let us know in the comments below who you think wins, then check out the video above to see if you were right. When you're done, find your own Bugatti for a day on the track from our exclusive listings.

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(Source: YouTube, Kawasaki)

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