Steven Spielberg, the director, producer and screenwriter, has had an incredible career that has spanned decades. He's won the Academy Award for Best Director multiple times and is known for films such as "Jurassic Park," "Indiana Jones," "E.T." and many others. Most recently, he has signed on for the film adaptation of the sci-fi novel "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline. Yes, Spielberg has been and continues to be successful, making it no surprise that he owns a $185 million mega yacht. The 282 ft yacht called The Seven Seas was built by Dutch yacht builders Oceanco. It's less of a yacht and more of a floating mansion that requires a crew of 26 to maintain the amenities, such as an outdoor pool with height adjustable floor, tender garage, jacuzzi, an indoor 3D cinema, 6 bedrooms and more. Now, Spielberg is taking notes from his movie "Jaws" and has decided he's going to need a bigger boat. According to an August 8 article from the Daily Mail, he's reportedly selling his current yacht, The Seven Seas. The article includes a quote from one of his friends who said, "Steven didn’t realise[sic] how much he’d enjoy cruising the ocean. Now he’d like to spend more time exploring the seas, and bring a few friends along for the ride. So he’s upgrading to a bigger yacht." How big do you think his next yacht will be? Give us your guess in the comments section below.
(Source: via AutoEvolution)

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