The last design we saw from him featured classic styling in an aquatic form, but a new design concept from Fraser Leid's is better suited to time on solid ground.

The Ferrari Pirelli Cinetica Racing Bike is, essentially, what Leid believes a cycling-based collaboration between Ferrari and Pirelli could look like. But it also shows a bicycle with innovative mechanics that would make it a worthy contender to bear the Ferrari and Pirelli names. Its inspiration came from watching the Tour de France, when Leid decided to find a way to recover and store energy expended by the cyclist, then utilize it at a later point in time. "While peddling, the carbon and steel wheel rotates around a circular brush. This causes an electric direct current to build, which feeds into a capacitor located at the bottom of the frame," describes the design's caption on Leid's digital portfolio. "When demanded by the rider, the stored charge is used on a motor located at the front of the frame.... This energy feedback system allows the rider an opportunity to rest while the bike propels itself."

A carbon fiber composition with hints of titanium would keep the bicycle's weight down, while housing of all cables and brakes internally keeps drag down and increases aerodynamic abilities. But beauty, as well as efficiency, guided the design process for this concept. A perfect example of form and function meeting beautifully comes in the handlebars. They allow for three grip choices while also adding to the ferocity of this bike's overall appearance. "I wanted its stance to be fast and aggressive, but I also wanted it to look sleek and lightweight to the eye," Leid described. "In the end, it has something animalistic to its traits." Check out the gallery below to see a little more of this Ferrari Pirelli design concept, and find your own existing Ferrari from our exclusive listings. To see more of Fraser's designs, visit his profile on

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(Source: Fraser Leid)

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