Terradyne Armored Vehicles is home to the GURKHA, a tactical armored vehicle available in three configurations – LAPV/MPV/RPV.  In late 2014 the RPV Civilian Edition was launched and made available to order in limited production.
The RPV dimensions consist of an overall length of 247-inches, width of 99-inches and height of 98-inches.  In comparison, the RPV is 62-inches longer, 25-inches wider and 23-inches taller when parked next to a Rubicon.  The base model weighs in at 13,000 lbs with a payload of 3,500 lbs.  The RPV is powered by a 6.7-liter V8 turbo diesel engine producing 660 lb-ft of torque and averages a modest 12.5 mpg with the standard 40-gallon capacity fuel tank.  A 6.8-liter V10 gas engine and 5-speed automatic transmission is also available. With a commanding presence and aggressive stance, the RPV is designed to navigate through urban gridlock with ease and enables full operator confidence for those leisurely off-road excursions.   Regardless if you are towing your boat, climbing the trails or out cruising the strip, the GURKHA RPV Civilian Edition will captivate everyone in its path.

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