There's no question that the experience of driving a Porsche is noticeably different from driving a car from another marque. But on roadways, and even most tracks, you won't really be able to experience the full range of abilities your car has.

However, for those in the United States, there's now a location designed specifically for your Porsche, by Porsche. Atlanta, Georgia is the home of the new Porsche Experience Center, where six different circuits have been crafted for you to take your Porsche to its limits and extremes. A post on Porsche's Facebook page Sept. 2 announced that the center is now open, and a series of photos showed off a few of the circuits' highlights. On their website, a full map of the grounds is available, as well as a detailed explanation of what each section was designed to do.

The Dynamics Area allows you to test out "speed, agility and lane-change performance," while the mile-long Handling Circuit teaches you how to navigate winding narrow roads, negotiate corners and the "proper application of braking technique." The Low-Friction Circle allows drivers to "experience the over-steer capabilities of a Porsche," and the Off Road Circuit, specifically designed for the Cayenne, takes you through a 45-degree vertical descent and a creek bed. The best part? You don't even need to own a Porsche to book a trip and enjoy the track. Various booking options available online range from $300 for an hour and a half in the Panamera GTS, to $750 for an hour and a half comparing the abilities of the 911 Turbo against the 911 GT3. And, all of this is just minutes from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Check out Porsche's website for full details about this new locatoin at, and find your own Porsche to bring with you to Atlanta from our exclusive listings.

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(Source: Porsche, Facebook)

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