It's said to be "the embodiment of each day's new possibilities," and we're just a few days away from seeing it ourselves: the Rolls-Royce Dawn.

First announced as their newest model in May, the Rolls-Royce Dawn draws its name and design inspiration from the Silver Dawn, of which only 28 models were created between 1949 and 1954. The initial press release announcing its development stated that its release will be during the first quarter of 2016, but new information tells us we'll be able to see its final form on Sept. 8. Photos sent by Rolls-Royce give us a quick look at the quintessential Rolls-Royce features on the Dawn, including the nameplate, coach doors and embedded clock on the warm wood dashboard, the marque's emblem clearly visible next to the model's name. Autoblog's Steven J. Ewing had a chance to see the Dawn long before its scheduled reveal, and in a July 24 article, he shared what details he could. The convertible was introduced to him with its top up, and though it's based on the Wraith, "every body panel on the Dawn is new."   "With the roof up, the big droptop sort of looks like a hot rod," Ewing described. "An extravagant, fancy, expensive hot rod."

Stay with us for more information about the latest from Rolls-Royce as we draw closer to its official unveiling, and find your own model from their existing lineup from our exclusive listings below.

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(Source: Rolls-Royce, Autoblog)

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