Land Rover is working on an invisibility mode for trailers.

Well, the trailers won't exactly be invisible, per se. But you will be able to virtually see right through them. In a press release from Land Rover today, the newest development in futuristic abilities was announced. Dubbed the "See-Through Trailer Concept," this collaboration of cameras located on your Land Rover and the attached trailer will create a complete video stream that, essentially, renders the trailer invisible, eliminating dangerous blind spots on the road. Video from a Land Rover's backup camera and side mirror cameras is combined with video from another camera attached to the rear of the trailer, and is then displayed on the rearview mirror while driving. When backing up with the trailer attached, the video switches to the infotainment screen, and guidelines appear on the screen to help guide where the trailer and car are going.

In addition to this "invisible trailer" prototype, the press release also announced their "Cargo Sense" idea. Another camera connected to the car is placed inside of the trailer, along with pressure-sensitive mat on the ground. If the trailer's cargo were to shift unexpectedly or abruptly, an alert would sound on the driver's dashboard. From there, the driver or passenger can opt to view the video from inside the trailer, and determine from there whether it's necessary to stop and attend to the load. The release goes on to explain how this would be especially helpful for those towing a horse trailer. The ability to immediately know if a prized horse is under stressed conditions could mean the difference between arriving safely or suffering an injury in transport. Especially useful is Cargo Sense's ability to convey all the same information to the driver's phone, as well as information about the trailer's temperature.

Stay with us to learn more about when this tech might become available to a larger audience, find out more in the video above and search for your own Land Rover from our exclusive listings at the button below.

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(Source: Jaguar Land Rover, YouTube)

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