Tucked away in the Central Eastern Alps, in the section of Austria nestled between the borders of Germany and Italy, is the newest way to indulge in the full Bentley experience: the Bentley Lodge.

Available to customers and friends of the brand, the new Bentley Lodge in Kitzbühel offers an exclusive experience designed to bring the Bentley lifestyle to a full vacation experience. A press release from the marque today announced the opening of the lodge, which can sleep up to eight guests at a time and be rented for either three consecutive days or a full week. "Every Bentley motor car is created, not merely assembled," said Robert Engstler, Regional Director Europe at Bentley Motors, in the release. "The interior of each car is trimmed with the finest supple leather, hand-finished wood veneers, gleaming metals and deep-pile carpets and at the Bentley Lodge Kitzbühel we give our customers the opportunity to experience these materials first hand and commission their very own Bentley." Guests of the lodge will have access to one of the latest Bentley models throughout the entirety of their stay, as well as the full host of amenities at the nearby Kitzbühel Country Club. The release also tells us that bespoke experiences are available to guests, including fishing, hunting, horseback riding, skiing, tennis, golf and spa treatments. The center of town is just 500 meters, or 1,640 feet, from the lodge, meaning world class restaurants, shopping, entertainment and annual events are just a few steps away.

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Pricing for a stay at the lodge varies by season, and ranges from €780 ($875 USD*) to €1,480 ($1,661 USD*) per night. Learn more about booking your stay at the exclusive Bentley Lodge at their website, www.BentleyMotorsLodge.com. Find your own Bentley to continue the experience after you return home from our exclusive listings below.

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(Source: Bentley)

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