Being invited to Pebble Beach is an honor that many collectors and owners will never experience, no matter how prestigious their cars may be. Winning an award elevates your car's notoriety to a level that only a handful of vehicles have ever reached. Winning two awards at the same showing is almost inconceivable. But it happened this year to one of the rarest Rolls-Royce models. Only eighteen examples of the Phantom IV were produced between the 1950 to 1956 model years. This was the twilight of the coachbuilding era, and while the bodies of HJ Mulliner are probably more well known, there’s no denying that Hooper’s Sedanaca de Ville limousine is the Phantom to have.
As reported by Romania-Insider Aug. 17, this 1952 Phantom IV is owned by Ion Tiriac and has a half-century of awards under its belt. To make sure it was up to the rigorous standards of the Pebble Beach Concours, it was handed over to one of the most renowned Rolls-Royce restorers in the world, Vantage Motorworks of Miami, FL. Richard Gorman and his team of experts went through every system and surface of this Phantom, knowing full well that their attention to detail could result in history being made. History is something we are proud of also, as Vantage Motorworks has been a fixture in the duPont REGISTRY from day one. For over three decades we have worked together to find new homes for pristine classics and collectibles that Vantage has offered for sale.  Mr. Tiriac’s spectacular Pebble Beach double award winner is another fine example of the automotive artistry that passes through the doors of Vantage Motorworks. To see Vantage Motorworks' incredible classic vehicles for sale, click the button below.

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(Source: Vantage Motorworks, (Photo Source: Nadia Comaneci Facebook Page)

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