As the luxury automotive market grows, production models from high-end manufacturers have expanded to a wide variety of offerings, but particularly notable is the sudden rush to create luxury SUVs. Jaguar is one manufacturer releasing a new utility vehicle, and in a press release today, they've shown us another look at its final design.

After phenomenal interest and "an overwhelmingly positive response" to the introduction of the C-X17 concept from Jaguar in 2014, the British marque announced that the model had been confirmed for production bearing the moniker of F-PACE. After just eight months, they've already moved the model to extensive testing, and a new series of photos shows it in a stunning purble, blue and pink design. There's no denying the fact that Jaguar's development has benefited greatly from the expertise at Land Rover, and the images show us a car that, in its design, does show some strong resemblance to the new Range Rover Evoque. But there are many design characteristics that are distinctly Jaguar - most evident are the lights. Sharp, narrow and looking very much like cat eyes, they show that this car is undoubtedly a feline creation.

The front grille also keeps true to Jaguar's heritage, as does the purr of its engine. A video added to YouTube Aug. 25, which you can see above, shows us F-PACE driving through some mountainous terrain, accompanied by the statement, "Unmatched driver engagement." The release tells us that the F-PACE utilizes "Jaguar's Lightweight Aluminum Architecture," as well as a double wishbone front suspension and Integral Link rear suspension to provide extra stiffness. The result is a light and nimble car capable of holding its own across uneven terrain.

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(Source: Jaguar Land Rover)

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