The 2015 Majestic Run is a five day, all-inclusive road rally specifically designed for car and driving enthusiasts. It offers a chance to drive some of the most scenic roads in the Rocky Mountain West along with the shared experiences and camaraderie of new friends. The rally started on August 14 at Vehicle Vault, the premier automotive gallery and museum located in the Denver suburb of Parker, Colorado.
The first day started fast, on a 160-mile cruise through the Arkansas River valley to the lunch stop in Salida, Colorado. Drivers then wove through forested roads, up and down the 12,000 plus feet elevation of Independence Pass, before descending into the mountain town of all mountain towns - Aspen - where rally drivers were treated to an incredible dinner and cocktail experience at Brexi Brasserie and a night’s stay in the ever luxurious St. Regis Hotel.
Day two started at breakfast and one of the most Majestic valet car ports in Aspen. After a quick gas up, the rally was off through the mountains, over one incredible pass after another, up and down hills and valleys, through national forest and desert canyon, to lunch at the Wine Country Inn in Palisades, Colorado on the western slope.
Fueled up from lunch, the rally decided to pick up the pace, driving 60 miles of perfect - and perfectly deserted - canyon roads to the Gateway Canyon resort.  The Gateway Canyon is remarkable and unmistakable. It is truly a destination. Rally drivers spent the evening eating, drinking and on a private tour of the Gateway Colorado Auto Museum, and spent the night in one of the 10 best resorts in the world according to most travel experts. Day three was designed for serious drivers as curves were hugged on over 200 miles of twisty-turvy canyon roads and majestic mountain highways, with just enough well maintained straights and valleys to make sure top speeds were reached. The destination - back up into the mountains and south to Durango.
Durango gave drivers a chance to chill for a bit. Lunch at Grassburger and cocktails at the famous Diamond Belle Saloon in the Strater Hotel were followed by a private 5-course meal, featuring fine wines and shockingly hilarious word games that made everyone blush just a little bit. After that night, everyone knew each other just a little bit more.
After a cool night’s sleep in the luxurious Strater Hotel, rally drivers embarked on the longest day of driving in this year’s rally. Drivers were treated to more mountain passes and National Forest highways on their way from Durango to Taos, New Mexico, for a private lunch at a French fusion café and then on to Santa Fe. Mountain weather was in full change-mode as the rally participants experienced sun, clouds, wind, rain and even a little snow and small hail. No damage was seen, but stories were made and a few of the drivers were tested. Dinner and Hot-Wheels races were won and lost at the San Francisco Street Grill in Santa Fe before racking out at the famous La Fonda hotel on the Santa Fe Plaza.
The last day began with some good natured hijinx, in the form of some unexpected car decorating from resident tricksters. The rally then took off on a beautiful cool day over the last few mountain passes, before crossing back over into Colorado and to the smooth roads home.
Now all there is to do is clean off the bugs and plan for the 2016 Majestic Run. Get all the information at and follow them on Facebook at @MajesticRun and Instagram at @majesticrun.

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