Motor Trend's latest bombshell eclipses any other news about Monterey Car Week. In a reported July 21, Senior Features Editor Jonny Lieberman reported that one fine evening between August 12 and 15, at an undisclosed location somewhere near Pebble Beach, Lamborghini will unveil their latest creation to a limited number of invited guests. This comes as no surprise, as the logical evolution of the upcoming Aventador SV Roadster will be a limited production hypercar following in the footsteps of the Reventon and Veneno. How much more power can be squeezed from 6.5 liters is a matter of debate.

The current Aventador SV is rated at 750 hp and 509 lb-ft, which is nothing to laugh at. But if they keep production numbers as low as their predecessors, perhaps civility and emissions restrictions could be overlooked to unlock the full power of one of the last V12 engines. If the past is prologue, expect to see prices well above $1 million. The enormous amount of engineering and tooling costs that must be shared over only a handful of production cars, possibly as few as 30 total, will make for a seven figure retail price.

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Autocar reported July 21 that Lamborghini shelved the hybrid-powered Asterion in order to focus on their upcoming Urus SUV, so maybe the drivetrain will find its way into this new model. We will do our best to bring you anything we learn from Monterey, so stay tuned to Autfluence for Lamborghini news. Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly listed Senior Features Editor Jonny Lieberman's name and title as Senior Editor Johnny Lieberman. The text has been changed to reflect the proper title and spelling, and we extend our apologies to Mr. Lieberman for the error.

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