If you're looking for a smarter travel option than commercial flights, you should consider private jet services. While pricing is more than a standard commercial flight's, you'll enjoy a blend of luxuries that make the expense worthwhile. You'll worry less about scheduling, get to your destinations faster and, when you work with a service like JetSmarter, you'll enjoy more affordable travel than you might expect.

Get Where You Need to Faster

Private jets offer an excellent way to get where you need to go. Not only do you enjoy upscale private accommodations, but you'll arrive at your destination in less time. Private jets wait for you and leave when you're ready to leave. This means you can schedule your flight around your business schedule, and not the other way around. The level of flexibility offered by private jets, and all of the offerings from JetSmarter in particular, will help you make quick travel decisions and ensure you get the most out of your time - avoid layovers, and stop worrying about bending your schedule around commercially available flights.

Enjoy Enhanced Comfort

Even first class on a commercial flight tends to be a bit cramped and lacking comfortable amenities. When you take a private jet you get more space, and more comfortable seats to enjoy. There's also generally more space for your cargo and you can travel with business associates if you so choose. Private flights are quite relaxing and much more enjoyable than your average commercial experience. The seats are larger and roomier than a commercial seat. It will also generally allow you to recline back to an almost flat position for comfortable sleeping. Food and beverages are available readily on many flights and in some of the larger planes you might find things like sitting areas, work desks and other lounge amenities that you won't see on many commercial planes.

Find Flights Easier

When you use JetSmarter versus picking out a private flight from a single carrier it's much easier to locate a flight that can get you where you need to go. Simply open up the JetSmarter application and you can pick out a nearby flight option and have a scheduled departure in less than a minute in most cases. You won't spend hours searching for available flights, and you won't need an assistant just to make sure your travel options align with your schedule. Travelling by private jet is all about ease of use, and going with a service like JetSmarter saves you time.

Locate More Affordable Alternatives

It always makes sense to save where you can without sacrificing quality, and JetSmarter makes it easier than ever to do that. With access to more than 3,000 private jets around the world, it's simple to pick from a list of options based on pricing and available features, and to start making cost-saving decisions. It's tough to pick out flights at the best rates when you're only working with one or two private jet providers, but when you look across most of the industry it's easy to see where the real value flights are. JetSmarter recently revamped their website to make it more convenient than ever to travel first class. The site now works flawlessly with mobile and full-sized devices. It comes with all the information you need to know about the JetSmarter service and will help explain the sign up process. For those interested in learning about available jobs with the company and private jets around the world, the site now contains an updated list of those careers as well. Travelling in a private jet is one of the most convenient ways to get around, but if you don't book your flights properly, it can still be an inconvenience. With services like JetSmarter you'll save time and money while getting where you need to go each and every time, without the wait.

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