If the most powerful Corvette Chevrolet has ever built isn’t enough to satisfy you, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has a prescription for your new Z06.

John Lingenfelter would be proud, as the company he founded is carrying on the tradition of building the most potent and best engineered Corvette performance packages available. In a July 27 press release from McCullough Public Relations, we learned the particulars of their latest creation.

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Without sacrificing the car's refinement and drivability, Lingenfelter's Stage 1 Z06 Corvette kit delivers 720 hp and 730 lb-ft of torque. This is achieved by increasing the supercharger speed by 15 percent and including proprietary engine software. Along with new supercharger pulleys, the software is uploaded with the included handheld programmer.

A faster blower generates more heat, so a 170-degree thermostat and new cooling fan calibrations will keep you running cool. They know you will run this car hard, so a damper is installed on the dry sump oil pump to keep oiling consistent at high engine speeds. As a complete kit, it also includes new badges, an engine plaque and a USB drive containing videos of their engineering process.

All this can be yours for $3,995, a price that includes professional installation and a 1 year or 12,000-mile warranty on the new parts. Hit the button below to learn more about this performance package, and browse our exclusive listings to find the perfect Z06 to add it to.

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(Source: Lingenfelter Performance Engineering via McCullough Public Relations)

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