The new Jaguar F-PACE hasn't been released to the public yet, but the English luxury automaker did just give us another glimpse at the upcoming SUV. In a press release issued today, Jaguar showed off the F-PACE testing in some serious weather conditions. From the extreme heat of Duabi, to the frigid cold of Northern Sweden, the F-PACE was put tested to its limit.

"We developed the F-PACE to offer the ride, handling and refinement demanded from a Jaguar, together with exceptional levels of ability and composure on all surfaces and in all weathers," said Andrew Whyman, Vehicle Program Director for the SUV, in the press release. "Just as we paid obsessive attention to detail over the engineering of every single component, we've exhaustively tested the F-PACE in the most challenging conditions to ensure that it will exceed the expectations of our customers around the world."

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Aside from in high and low temperatures, the F-PACE was also driven over gravel mountain passes. This marks the first time that a Jaguar test program included this kind of environment. Jaguar will be premiering the F-PACE at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year.


(Source: Jaguar)

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