One F12berlinetta is an impressive thing to see. A group of F12berlinettas is nearly heart stopping. 40 F12berlinettas in the same place at the same time is near insanity - but it happened. The largest gathering of F12berlinettas that the Nurburgring has ever seen occurred recently, when 40 of Ferrari's 730 hp V12 beasts gathered to take turns lapping the green hell an average of 15 times each. A press release from the marque July 7 described the driving day for Ferrari owners, who all had a chance to learn from the Head fo Ferrari Development Test Drivers, Raffaele De Simone.

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Simone started by guiding the group around the Nordschleife in his own F12berlinetta to show them the ideal line to follow, then sat with each owner for a few hot-laps to coach them on getting the most out of their vehicle. Take a moment to browse our exclusive listings of F12berlinettas at the button below and start preparing for your day around the track. As always, stay with us for more updates from the automotive world.

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(Source: Ferrari)

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