A collaboration between Red Bull and Aston Martin might be in the works, with the potential to create a new kind of supercar that could set a new bar for the industry. Reports have come in to Autocar that an ultra-high-performance road car could come from Adrian Newey, Formula 1 Designer for Red Bull Racing, and Aston Martin's design team, with a July 6 article marking the potential sale launch for 2018. Though it could utilize some features developed through construction of the Vulcan, this new project will be a completely unique endeavor.

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"Reports suggest it could be a track-only machine, as with the other extreme hypercars," explains Autocar's take on the information. "However, there are conflicting suggestions that Newey wants to make it road legal, in order to leave a legacy akin to Gordon Murray’s with the McLaren F1 road car."
While the new project could incorporate aspects of the Aston Martin Vulcan, reports say the two will remain very separate.
Of course all reports at this time are from anonymous sources or remain unconfirmed, except for statements made at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Christian Horner, Team Principal of Red Bull Racing's Formula 1 team, confirmed to Autocar at the event that Newey is working on his legacy project, with a chance that it could become a road car model. Horner also confirmed that there are talks of projects between Aston Martin and Red Bull, though did not say which specifically. Stay with us to learn more as information is released about this potential new vehicle, and in the meantime, find an example of Aston Martin's design prowess from our exclusive listings below.

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(Source: Autocar)

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