It's one of the most lightweight and distinguishable vehicles produced by the marque, as well as one of the most exclusive, and reports are coming in that there's currently an opportunity to own one.
Introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 2010 and brought to production in 2013, the Sesto Elemento from Lamborghini is a car named for and built from carbon fiber. Only 20 were produced, and according to a post on the sales forum 6SpeedOnline, there is currently only one in the world available for purchase. The stated price is €3 million, or approximately $3,316,050 USD, and all information regarding the seller is being kept under lock and key. Or, at least, that's what user Hayabusa is telling us. Three photos of the car were included in the post, as well as the information that two Non-Circumvential Non-Disclosure (NCND) agreements will be required for anyone purchasing the car. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a NCND agreement is used when an international sale goes through a third party intermediary, and prevents the buyer and/or seller from going around that third party. It also protects any and all information disclosed, including the names of the buyer and seller.

There isn't much contact information available about Hayabusa or the person selling the Sesto, or how to get in touch if interested in purchasing. But if everything listed in the description is true, including the odometer's reported reading of just 12 miles, this is a rare and fantastic opportunity.
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(Source: 6SpeedOnline, Lamborghini) 

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