Ferrari was out in full force over the weekend of June 26 for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, bringing a total of 96 cylinders to the Supercar Paddock. Their full fleet of XX vehicles were in attendance, and as a June 28 press release from the marque tells us, all three, the FXX, 599XX and FXX K, completed the hill climb in their first appearance at the world-famous automotive festival.

The FXX K was first introduced in December 2014, when it was announced as upgraded, track ready take on the already impressive LaFerrari. 1,035 hp and 663 lb-ft comes from the addition of new camshafts and modification of the LaFerrari's valve train, intake manifolds and exhaust system. It has only been seen on the track a few times since its $2.7 million price tag and 32 example production run were announced, but the Hill Climb provided a fantastic opportunity to see it in action. BalticMotorSport had a chance to share a YouTube video June 30 of the FXX K taking its turn around the track, which you can see above. As the Ferrari press release tells us, it was followed by the LaFerrari, F12berlinetta, 488 GTB and California T.

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(Source: YouTube, Ferrari)

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