Passat TDI Wagon. Its name might not sound intimidating, but Volkswagen's diesel engines can make incredible power when modified. Such is the case when an ancient Passat Wagon showed up at the drag races held at the Nemunring, located just outside of Kaunas, Lithuania.

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In a YouTube video uploaded July 16 by Ignas Gerčas, you can see the 1980s era wagon line up against a late model Ferrari 458 Italia. The wagon is a relic of a divided Germany, a time when Lithuania was still under the Iron Curtain. Drag racing was probably illegal in the Soviet Union, so the owner had to wait a few years to install a giant turbo along with a clutch and tires capable of a diesel hole-shot. The audio gives us a few clues as to what will unfold. Watch the video to see if the oil burner can take down the Italian stallion. Stay tuned to Autofluence for more improbable exotic drag racing action, and don't attempt this at home. Save it for the track.
(Source: YouTube)

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