There are few things that can improve upon the pastoral beauty of New England in the summer, but if anyone can do it, Bugatti can.
Two Veyrons spent some time in Lakeville, Connecticut, recently, taking the time to enjoy the winding country roads and the 1.5-mile track at Lime Rock Park. A gallery of photos added to the marque's Facebook page June 25 share some scenes from this bucolic trip, filled with verdant green deciduous trees and classic New England architecture. "Life may be a little better in a Bugatti #LaVieEnBleu," describes the gallery's caption. The traditional Bugatti blue perfectly accents the black and white exteriors of the two Veyrons, and fills in their wheels with a tone that matches the summer skies. Check out the photos in the gallery below, and find your own Veyron to make life a little better from our exclusive listings.

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(Source: Facebook) 

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