The full release is scheduled for tomorrow, but we already want to learn more about this today. From Lexus Australia comes what they're calling "the world's first car with a heartbeat." It's a Lexus RC F, and its exterior features a custom paint job that's never been seen before. A video added to YouTube today shows us this RC F drifting at night, its glowing blue exterior pulsing. It's connected to monitors attached to the driver, and the pulse of the color is perfectly in sync with the driver's heart.

It's the most visible that exhilaration has ever been. "Three professional drivers were connected to the powerful 5.0-liter V8 RC F through unique biometric paintwork that displayed their heartbeat," describes a microsite for this new project. "A test track inspired from the heart of Japanese Motorsport was created. Then raced, at night. This is Heart Racing. This is the New Lexus."

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Check out the preview of this night drive in the video above, stay with us for its full release tomorrow and find your own RC F to test out from our exclusive listings below.

RC Fs For Sale

(Source: YouTube, Lexus Australia)

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