If there's anything you can say about Tesla, it's that they're not afraid to update an already impressive car. A new base version of the Model S and two upgrades for the fast electric car are ready to make Tesla's famous sedan even more affordable, economical and powerful. In a press call and blog post July 17, CEO Elon Musk announced these latest updates, addressing concerns about the Models 3 and X before digging in to new numbers. Of course, the big update that has everyone talking is the new "Ludicrous Mode," a performance tweak that brings the Model S' 0-60 mph acceleration into the realm of supercars. Through the in-house advent of a new smart fuse for the car's battery, Tesla has managed to safely increase power production to 1,500 Amps. With that increase, 0-60 mph comes in just 2.8 seconds and a quarter mile is completed in 10.9 seconds.
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This new smart fuse will cost an additional $10,000 for new buyers, while those who currently own the P85D, famous for introducing "Insane Mode," can upgrade for the next six months for just $5,000 and the cost of labor. Of course, anyone familiar with "Space Balls" will know there's only one upgrade left after Ludicrous Mode, "but that speed," describes Musk's post, "is reserved for the next generation Roadster in 4 years: maximum plaid."

For those interested in a Model S but hoping to extend the battery's charge a little further, a $3,000 cost will upgrade the battery size from 85 to 90 kWh. However, Musk doesn't recommend this upgrade for existing owners; with a projected improvement in battery life of 5 percent each year, they're encouraged to wait another few years until they can upgrade by more than 5 kWh. If neither performance nor an incredibly long battery life are necessary, but you're still interested in owning a Tesla, the 70 kWh Model S with a single motor is priced at $70,000.  If you'd rather wait for the Model X or Model 3, you don't have too long to hold out - deliveries of the Model X are projected to begin in the next two months, while the Model 3 will begin deliveries in just over two years.

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