The 2016 7 Series from BMW is a stunning sedan that plays host to a wide range of new technologies and innovations from the marque.
From gesture-controlled infotainment systems, to ambient lighting changes, customized scents, a larger heads up display and the ability to maneuver itself into and out of parking spaces, it's a step far into the future. It was all announced during the model's release June 10, but how do you go about designing the look for such a spectacular car? BMW shared a few photos from the design process on their Facebook page July 15, from the initial sketches, to a full scale drawing, to the carving of a clay model and stitching of leather for the seats. Despite the technological innovations present in the car, its design is an intricate and gentle process defined by human touch - one that a computer could never replicate or replace.

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Take a moment to get a closer look at the images from the process in the gallery below, and find your dream BMW from our exclusive listings.

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(Source: Facebook)

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