It's always exciting to see supercars test their strength against each other, and even more so when we can watch the race from more than one perspective. In videos added to YouTube June 23 and April 28 by TheBayAreaRacing and Ramtin Haghighi, respectively, we get to watch a Lamborghini Aventador and McLaren 650S take each other on in a drag race at California's Coalinga Airport.

Automotive event organizer Shift S3ctor was hosting one of their Airstrip Attack events, and shared a few pictures from the day on their Facebook page May 30. Not much information is given about the specifics of either the 650S or Aventador, including whether they are stock or not, but it's still an exhilarating match up to watch. Which do you think will win the drag race? Let us know in the comments, and then watch the videos above and below to see who made it to the end of the runway first. When you're finished, find your own Aventador or 650S to test out at a scheduled race event from our exclusive listings.

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Editor’s Note: Do not attempt to recreate or reenact anything seen in the video above unless on a closed course and under professional supervision, as portrayed in the video. The duPont REGISTRY does not condone any illegal activity on the roadway, and we remind you to always obey local traffic laws.

(Source: YouTube, Facebook)