Since orange is the new black, Viper is offering both in matte. In a press release dated June 19, Fiat-Chrysler announced the expansion of Dodge’s 1 of 1 Viper customization program. The curves of a Viper’s exterior look great with a mile-deep glossy finish, but they are betting that a few buyers might want something more unique. Exterior finishes have been doubled to 16,000 total, making for 48,000 possible stripe combinations. Also new are Satin Chrome and Satin Black finishes for the fuel filler and Viper badges.
An example of how extensive the Viper 1 of 1 program is.
Because the Viper is one of the few cars still painted by hand, adding a custom touch can be done without retooling and retraining a robot. In another nod to traditional craftsmanship, cars not receiving a matte finish are wet-sanded by hand to a mirror shine. These new options allow for an incredible 50 million unique ways to build a Viper, and an unprecedented level of customer involvement in the building of American supercars. They will become available with the 2016 model year, and as soon as production begins expect to see these customized snakes slithering their way onto our website.

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(Source: Fiat-Chrysler)

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