Neither we nor Morgan Motor Company are strangers to three-wheeled transportation. The storied marque reintroduced their classic 3-wheeler in 2011 with Harley-Davidson power up front mated to a Mazda Miata 5 speed manual transmission. They are a staple of our annual Exotic Car Buyers Guide, and generate exponential smiles every time we showcase one in our booth.

There’s no denying that a chunky S&S modified V-twin is more than enough power, but in a press release dated June 19,  Morgan announced that a prototype electric three wheeler will be shown at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed. The EV3 has a single 75 kw motor powering the rear wheel. Instead of a drive train spanning the length of the vehicle, curb weight measures in at 992 lbs - much lighter than its gas powered siblings. Currently Morgan is putting the concept through its paces, with production tentatively slated to begin towards the end of next year.

With an estimated cruising range of 150 miles, it has the potential to be a fun contender in the electric car marketplace. Stay tuned to Autofluence for more Morgan news, and check out their authorized dealer page in the Exotic Car Buyers Guide for a dealer near you.

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(Source: Morgan Motor Company)

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