Your home theater is set for a full sonic upgrade once Bowers & Wilkins' new speakers make their way into your home.
The CCM Cinema 7 Speakers from Bowers & Wilkins
From the United Kingdom's storied creator of impressive speakers comes three new options for visibly discrete but aurally powerful sound. As a July press release from the company tells us, these speakers can easily be installed by the purchaser, or quickly by a professional. The bezel and magnetic metal grilles can be customized to match the decor, while the grilles themselves are available in either a round or square shape. While all three are able to equally deliver a clean, clear and balanced listening experience, they do so in their own ways, each better suited to a specific location in or on the ceilings or walls. Left, center and right speaker positions in the ceiling are best suited to the CCM Cinema 7. Priced at $700 each, they are best suited to conveying clear dialogue and special effects. They're truly ideal for a large home theater system where you're not afraid of a loud volume.
The CCM632 Speakers from Bowers & Wilkins
The CCM632 speakers, priced at $250 each, are also mounted in the ceiling, but are designed to fit into a small space at only 6 inches in diameter. But despite their size, they were crafted to convey a well-balanced sound, a difficult feat for such a small system that doesn't require a subwoofer. Both the CCM632 and CCM Cinema 7 speakers will be available for purchase in August of this year. If mounting in the ceiling isn't quite an option, but you're still interested in a full surround sound experience, the CWM Cinema 7 speakers are designed to be wall-mounted near the screen. Whether above, below or to the side, these convey every line of dialogue and each fantastic explosion of whatever movie you're watching that night. Pricing is set at $850 apiece, and they will be available for sale beginning in September. Take a moment to get a closer look at each of these speaker options, and to learn more about adding one of these Bowers & Wilkins masterpieces to your home, be sure to visit


(Source: Bowers & Wilkins)

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