The Mercedes-Benz enthusiast community is one of the oldest in existence, as well as one of the world's largest, and its digital footprint just keeps growing. It feels like their Nov. 18 celebration of reaching 17 million fans on Facebook was just yesterday, but June 21 they celebrated an even larger milestone: 19 million fans.

"Ladies and gentleman, it's time to say THANK YOU to all 19 million of you," described a post on their Facebook page, "your passion for Mercedes-Benz is amazing!" The post shared a three-piece painting of a GLC by Markus Haub, whose paintings capture a variety of scenes and landscapes, from New York, to Paris, but also many stunning cars. Check out the images below, find yourself the perfect Mercedes-Benz from our inventory and give the marque a "like" on Facebook to help them reach 20 million soon.


(Source: Facebook)

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