There are few noises as unmistakable as the sound of a hand-wound music box, and even fewer that can so instantly transport you to childhood memories.
Perhaps that's one of the reasons chronographer MB&F is so partial to the music box design. Through a partnership with Reuge, Switzerland's iconic creator of a watch that featured a musical cylinder, MB&F has released the MusicMachine 3, a new performance art piece that embodies the tag line of their 10th anniversary. As MB&F's website describes, "MB&F celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2015 with the tagline 'A creative adult is a child who survived.'” And what better to capture that feeling of childhood amazement than a design and a song from one of the world's most iconic movies? There are two musical cylinders on this box, each playing three songs. The right cylinder plucks out the "Star Wars," "Mission Impossible" and "James Bond" theme songs, while the left plays the themes from "The Godfather," "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" and "The Persuaders."

"The TIE fighter-inspired MusicMachine 3 (MM3) is proof positive that both the child and the Force are still going strong within MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser," continues the description of MusicMachine3. As the previous two MusicMachines also featured space-inspired designs and the theme song from the Star Wars series, we can imagine that they heavily influenced Büsser's life. Check out the photos of this music box, available in either black, white or chrome, and listen to its tunes in the video above, added to YouTube July 13.

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(Source: MB&F)

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