BMW's M Performance division is capable of creating some stunning things under the hood, but their ability to refine the exterior and create motion even when a car is parked is just as impressive. And when you get to the interior details of their final product, it's nearly love at first sight.

They first introduced M's take on the X5 in October 2014, but in a gallery added to BMW's Facebook page July 13, they gave us a full look at what a true X5 M looks like. With a stunning white base color, this X5 M features the iconic M tri-color stripe along the bottom of the side sills and curving around to the rear exhaust. A hint of the two blues and red is also visible in the front vents. Carbon fiber accents every flat surface of the interior, as well as the gear shift, while black leather with contrast white stitching coats the rest. "Pushing to the maximum," describes the gallery's caption. "And beyond." With the X5 M, they've pushed far enough for its 4.4-liter V8 to create 575 hp and 553 lb-ft, pushing it to 60 mph from a stop in 4.2 seconds.

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(Source: Facebook, BMW)

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