The auctions that take place during Monterey’s car week always seem to accomplish the impossible: improving upon a perfect experience. This year, RM Sotheby’s is bringing an unprecedented collection known as the Pinnacle Portfolio. It is comprised of some of the most famous racers of the 1950s and 1960s, along with late model supercars. YouTube car enthusiast DLMphotos gained access to the collection and uploaded a video back on July 8 showing final checks and detailing in preparation for transport. Some of the most historically significant cars of all time are shown, such as the final Enzo built for the Pope, as well as a Lamborghini Reventon and Porsche 959.
The current combined value of this collection stands at $65 million, but since this many of these cars are rarely seen, let alone seen together, it will probably drive the final numbers into the stratosphere. They are slated to cross the block Thursday, August 13 at the Portola Hotel. A certain world famous publisher with a penchant for green slacks will be in attendance, so hopefully we will have a few wild rides shipped home. For more information about the collection, check out the official brochure here.

(Source: YouTube via Jalopnik)

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